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It’s the middle of summer. Temperatures are rising. Your social life is in full swing. And all you can think about is shaving off that pesky beard…


If there’s one rule we live by here at Aberlite, it’s that friends don’t let friends shave their beards. (Unless you’ve got lice or something, in which case we’re reconsidering our friendship).

And if there are several more rules we live by, it’s the following handy tips for making sure your summer beard is your absolute best beard. Because as tempting as it may be to scrap the whole thing and wait for the cooler temperatures of No Shave November, we’re here to tell you that rocking a summery face mane has never been easier. So let’s get into it!

From dry guy to fly guy.

Look, we’re a global brand. Worldly folks, cosmopolitan jet setters, bearded adventurers, and occasionally hairy homebodies. We know not everyone’s summer is the same, weather-wise. So let’s pop around a bit. And start with our desert-dwelling Dapper Dans in the drier climates of the world…

Summer sucks, doesn’t it? “Oh, it’s just a dry heat,” they say. Sure pal, thank goodness 95 degrees at 11 am is more air fryer than sauna. And worst of all… it’s drying out your beard!

Lucky for you, there’s an obvious fix for that. Beard Oil is a beard’s best friend year-round, but it becomes absolutely essential during those hot, dry days of summer. If you’re reading this blog, you’ve probably racked up enough beard cred by now to know that you should be using this stuff every day. But don’t be afraid to re-up a couple of times a day when the dry heat starts sucking the natural oils (and life) out of your beard. And definitely remember to use more if you decide to go for a swim to beat the heat — both chlorine and salt water will dry out your beard. Aberlite’s all-natural Beard Oil will get things back to their glorious, hydrated natural state in no time. 

Frizz not, humid homies.

And what about our friends in the hot and sticky corners of the globe? Where the sweat is tenfold and the frizz factor is cranked up to a billion? We got you covered too, of course. When that god-awful humidity has your beard looking a bit unruly, there is one surefire way to fight the frizz: the almighty Beard Straightener

Here at Aberlite, we absolutely believe in the incredible power of heat to straighten your beard. So much so, that we’ve got two options for you to do it with: The OG Beard Straightener Pro for the ultimate straightening experience, and the powerfully compact Pocket Straightener, for keeping things looking tight while you’re on the move (summer getaway, anyone?).

Both will help you tame even your wildest summer mane. In only two minutes, your beard will be neater, fuller, healthier, and — let’s face it — downright sexy. You’ll look like Zeus ready to start chucking lightning bolts, rather than looking like the dude who just got hit by one. The coolest beard on the block on even the hottest and stickiest of days? It’s not just possible, it’s easy.

And for everyone in between…

“What about me?” you ask, once again making it all about you. (We all have that one friend.) “I don’t live in a particularly dry OR humid climate. I just live, maaaan.”

First of all, congrats on winning the climate lottery. Shout out to your parents for giving birth to you there, or to you for choosing wisely. Second of all… still a bit sweaty, huh? It is summer, after all. You’re probably out and about, hitting the beach, the park, the golf course, the ballfield, and the great outdoors… all places guaranteed to get that beard extra grimy with minimal effort.

So what’s a sweaty gross dude to do about his sweaty gross beard? Clean it of course! Our beard wash and conditioner combo will clear away all the grit and grime of an active summer day. With a wash powerful enough to get even the nastiest bits out of there and a conditioner gentle enough to leave it all soft and smooth, the thought of a summertime shave will never cross your mind again. No more smelly face bush hiding bad skin underneath — a clean and healthy beard will have the whole facial ecosystem thriving… and have you living your absolute best beard life in the height of summer.

Bonus for all the bearded brethren.

Beard Balm, bro. Everybody wants it, everybody needs it, YOU can get it here. A neat, well-shaped beard and mustache play in every type of climate. Get a leg up on all the quitters out there by doubling down on your beard care routine in the dog days of summer. No twenty-step process, no secret formulas, or overly complicated techniques. Just follow these simple tips for warm weather grooming and you’ll be the bearded king of summer.

Your beard will thank you all year long. 

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