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Beardsmen of planet Earth, it’s time we had a talk. There’s a lot of misinformation in the world today. Vicious lies, dangerous rumors… about taming your beard with heat. But you wouldn’t listen to that stuff, would you? Oh, you would? Ok, let’s break some of these myths down then:

1. It Will Burn My Beard!

This is the big one. BURNT HAIR. Ever smelled it? If you haven’t, consider yourself lucky. And if you have- well, you know you never want to smell it again. Lucky for you, the Aberlite Pro  Beard Straightener is designed to never, and we mean never EVER, burn your precious beard hair. Our PTC heating technology ensures the straightener heats up quickly and consistently. Just two minutes of straightening will leave your beard soft, tame, and totally manageable for days. Less time under heat means less damage. And no burnt hair smell to haunt your nostrils and your dreams.  

2. It Will Burn My Face!

Understandably, another major concern for prospective heat tamers. If you’ve ever forgotten to apply sunblock at the beach or rested your face on a hot griddle (why did you do that?), you know burnt skin on your face is not a good time. But again, the fine folks at Aberlite have your back (and your face). Our Pro Beard Straightener comes smartly equipped with a 2mm Anti Scald Comb Tooth. This means you can bring that heat right down to your roots, without ever directly contacting your face. 

3. It Will Dry Out My Hair!

A fair assumption, considering we use heat to dry our clothes, our dishes, and oh yeah, the hair on top of our heads. HOWEVER — and you may be noticing a pattern here — Aberlite has this covered too. By using Aberlite Shield Beard Heat Protectant Spray before you straighten, you will lock in the moisturizing, softening, and frizz-fighting properties of our powerful Argan oil.  It’ll keep your hair lusciously moisturized… and smelling of irresistible sandalwood to boot. 

4. But Won’t That Argan Oil Burn? (!)

Absolutely not! Argan oil has a smoke point of 420 degrees Fahrenheit. The Aberlite Pro Beard Straightener has a maximum temperature of 430 degrees Fahrenheit. Now, we’re not mathematicians over here, but we know enough to know what that temperature cushion gives you: unburned oil and an unburned beard. And, as a side benefit, the incredible confidence boost of knowing you have the baddest beard on the block. 

5. Ok, You Got Me, This All Sounds Great. But My Beard Doesn’t Need Heat Straightening.

WRONG SIR! Dead wrong! Every type of beard can benefit from heat straightening. And for the first time, Aberlite products make it possible for everyone. With 8 integrated heat settings, the  Aberlite Pro Beard Straightener can work for long and stringy, big and bushy, tight and curly, and every beard in between. Rocking it short? Our tightly spaced, four-column bristles are designed to grip even the shortest and coarsest of hair. So no matter what kind of beard you are gifting the world, Aberlite products ensure that heat straightening is definitely for you. 

So what did we learn here today? Mostly that myths are myths for a reason- they usually aren’t  true. But also that with the right products, heat taming your beard is not only safe and effective,  but also essential to the health of your furry face friend. So gentlemen… start your beard  straighteners!