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Proper Use of Heat for Happy, Healthy Beards 

There are plenty of misconceptions making the rounds out there when it comes to heat and beard care. But we're here to make one thing clear: heat is not the enemy here! 

In fact, adding the right kind of heat to your beard maintenance routine can turn an unruly beard into one very majestic man-mane. 

Whether you’re trying to tame a messy waterfall of whiskers or grow your beard to greater lengths, there are a few best practices to keep in mind. Let’s bust the myths that are keeping you from your best beard life! 

Myth #1: Heat Causes Irreparable Damage to Beard Hair 

Okay okay -- as with most blanket statements, this isn't exactly a myth. So we're going to dive deep into hair biology for just a moment. 

Beards are made up of keratin, a protein also found in skin, nails -- even our internal organs. Keratin provides structure on a cellular level, so it's important to keep these proteins healthy! 

High temperatures can degrade the structure of keratin, making beard hair prone to breakage. It's important to note that everyone's hair will have a different heat tolerance, so when using heat to style your beard, it's a good idea to start low and up the temperature as you need it. 

You want the right tools for the job, so opt for a heated straightening iron with adjustable temperature settings (the Aberlite Pro Beard Straightener is a proven choice!). 

Using high-quality products helps prevent dryness – and the itching, scratching, and dandruff that go with it. This leads us to Myth #2... 

Myth #2: Heat Will Dry Your Beard (and Face) Out 

Heat can strip the natural oils from your beard, so moisturization is key! Use a premium beard oil that's made specifically for heat-styling. 

If a heated brush is imperative to your repertoire, Aberlite's Shield Beard Heat Protective Spray helps to seal in a beard's natural moisture. Made with soothing argan oil, it penetrates quickly to protect the cuticle of your beard hair. Don't heat-style your beard without it! 

Beard oil and brushing are musts in your daily routine, and choosing the right oil will depend on how you prefer to style your facial hair. Don't just apply it to hair, either -- beard oil is great for maintaining skin and follicle health as well! 

Myth #3: Heat Can Cause Patchy Beard Growth

It's a common misconception that heat causes spotty beard growth. This simply isn't true! 

Beard growth is determined by a few factors, starting with your unique genetic code. But you can make the most of what Mother Nature gave you with proper shaping and maintenance. 

Breakage caused by high temperatures can result in a less-than-full beard, which can look patchy. This can be easily remedied with the addition of proper moisturization (ie: beard conditioner or heat-friendly oils) and a high-quality beard straightener. 

Beard balm is also a great choice for sculpting and filling in any spots that are looking a little sparse. Learn more about the benefits of beard balm here.

Myth #4: Heat Treatment Makes Your Beard Smell 

There's nothing worse than the smell of burnt hair, amiright? This can be avoided entirely by choosing premium beard styling tools with adjustable settings, protecting whiskers and beard follicles with conditioners, and avoiding high temperatures. 

You want your beard to feel like it enjoyed a day at the spa – don't nuke it into submission! Remember: a wild beard is tamed with patience and precision. 

Myth #5: Beards are Hot In the Summertime 

In truth, beards do a great job of insulating. This means facial hair feels a lot warmer than bare skin in the wintertime – but it also means beards can help shield your face from heat in the summer!

Just like wool on a sheep, beards help protect and regulate temperature – no matter the season.

Heat Done Right Means a Very Happy Beard, Indeed 

As you can see, the idea that heat will irreparably damage your beard is a load of hot air. In truth, regular straightening can make your beard look longer, neater, and more attractive. Daily use of beard oil or conditioner prevents itching, flaking, and discomfort too. 

A high-quality beard straightener like the Aberlite Pro uses advanced technology to prevent breakage and assures you'll always look well-groomed and put-together. The best part is, your beard will become easier to tame the more you use it!