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You know the feeling all too well. A fresh haircut and beard trim make you feel unstoppable.

Going out and socializing becomes a breeze, not to mention all the compliments you get. Your confidence shines through, and you get things done in your personal and professional life.

But it doesn’t last long…

About a week later, the hair on your cheeks and neck starts to grow back in. The fresh look of your beard lineup starts to fade.

Although there isn’t a way to keep the look for longer, there is a way to restore your fresh look (without going back to your barber)!

Let me show you how you can improve your beard in one day using these tools.

Trimmer & Razor

The first thing you’ll need is a reliable trimmer or razor.

If you want a close shave, pick a razor that shaves at skin level (not below). We want to avoid those troublesome ingrown hairs.

If you’re after a trimmer and don’t need a close shave, check out the Aberlite Trim. Its triple-blade design allows you to get a more precise lineup.

<img src="Aberlite Trim.png" alt="Aberlite trim at 99 battery power on stand">


Our patented Aberlite ClearShaper is the perfect tool for a stunning beard lineup.

I was absolutely floored when I used this product for the first time. But don’t just take it from me. Take a look at my beard after using the ClearShaper and also take a peek at our reviews.

<img src="Clearshaper Barber Pencil.png" alt="man with Aberlite Clearshaper using barber pencil on mustache"><img src="Clearshaper Trim.png" alt="man with Aberlite Clearshaper using trimmer to trim cheek line"><img src="Clearshaper After.png" alt="man viewing results of Aberlite Clearshaper trim with hand on chin">

Complete with a professional barber pencil, the Aberlite ClearShaper tool will give you a beard lineup that rivals that of a professional barber.


If you’re anything like me, getting your neckline to be symmetrical is a nightmare. Unless you’re juggling a second mirror along with your trimmer, It’s nearly impossible to see below your jaw.

Lucky for you, we have something to give you the perfect neckline. The Aberlite FlexShaper is just like the ClearShaper, except for your neckline.

Check out how I used the FlexShaper to get a neat neckline in minutes:

<img src="Flexshaper Before.png" alt="man with blue Aberlite Flexshaper trimming beard"><img src="Flexshaper After.png" alt="man using white towel to wipe neckline">

Once I had my beard perfectly trimmed and shaped, I hit the shower to prepare myself for the next step.

Aberlite Pro

After I lined up my beard and showered, I dried my beard and fired up the Aberlite Pro to straighten out my beard.

Within just a couple of minutes, I had a neat and straight beard. What I love about the Aberlite Pro is that it really gets those troublesome flyaway hairs — and it's safe to the touch for your hair and skin.

<img src="Aberlite Pro.png" alt="Aberlite Pro at 400 degrees on a black background">

Final Thoughts

Touching up your beard is one of those things that only takes a few minutes, but has a lasting impact on your week. It’ll prepare you to take on your packed life with confidence.

Frequent visits to the barber can really get costly. Learning how to shape up and trim your own beard is a crucial skill in today’s world for beardsmen of all classes.