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We know we have to wash our beards. But how exactly?

Well isn’t that the million-dollar question for beardsmen the world over. When you first started growing your beard, you may not have thought about this at all. It’s on your face, wash it with whatever you wash your face with. Water, face wash… that didn’t work out did it?

Then you may have graduated to “oooh this is hair! I should wash it like hair!” and started using regular ol’ shampoo. And that REALLY didn’t work out. So we ask again…

How exactly do we wash our beards?

At this point in your beard journey, you’ve probably figured out that you need shampoo specifically made for your beard hair, not the top of your head hair. And you may have even added conditioner to your routine. If so- good job! For the rest of us… do we really need beard shampoo and beard conditioner?

The answer, as you’ve probably guessed, is a resounding YES. But why both? Well it’s simple really: beard shampoo cleans your beard (duh). While beard conditioner softens it and locks in moisture. And if you’ve read us ranting and raving about beard oil in the past, then you know how important moisture is for your beard. 

But there’s also a hidden benefit to that beard conditioner that makes it such a potent one-two punch with shampoo. When you moisturize and soften your beard, it makes it less brittle and scratchy, and therefore less likely to irritate your skin. And when your skin is irritating, that’s when the flakes show up. And when the flakes show up… that’s when you need to wash them out with shampoo!

So you see, using conditioner will help you avoid over washing your beard. (for more info on avoiding beard dandruff, including how often to wash your beard, check this out) Which means you’re using less shampoo, which saves you money in the long run. In this economy? You better be conditioning that beard, bro.

Lucky for you, we’ve saved you even more money by bundling our awesome beard shampoo and conditioner here. So get on it! Your beard and your wallet depend on it.