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Most guys out there (including myself) have made some dreadful mistakes when growing a beard. We’re talking “neckline completely shaved off”.

You might’ve also had the awkward puberty beard (the one that looks like you’re in senior year and both you and your beard are having an identity crisis).

There are many pitfalls on the path to bearded greatness. The world of beard grooming comes with many mistakes you could commit. In this article, we’ll teach you how to avoid the 3 biggest ones.

If you’re the unicorn that’s never made a mistake growing your beard or been through an awkward beard phase — get outta here. This article isn’t for you. We’re glad (and a bit jealous) that you’ve had such an amazing time growing your beard.

If the rest of you fellas are anything like me, buckle in — because we’re going to talk about 3 mistakes to avoid when growing your beard.

Mistake #1: Poor Trimming Techniques

Choosing a beard style that isn’t right for your face is one of the milder offenses in this category.

On the worse end, trimming your neckline too high or your cheek line too low is a mistake you’ll want to avoid.

An excellent fix for this mistake is beard shaping tools! This method requires a lot of patience and mastery, so mistakes in the early days are bound to happen.

Some dudes will hold the tool up to their faces and use a trimmer with their free hand. A better way to do this is to use a barber pencil to draw your desired lines, put the shaping tool down, and then use your trimmer or razor to shave your beard.

Mistake #2: Overgrooming

This can range from brushing your beard too much to washing it too frequently or even using too much beard oil.

Over grooming your beard can cause a lot of annoying problems such as beard itch and even beard dandruff.

A great place to start fixing this problem is to understand the products you’re using in your beard. Familiarize yourself with the instructions. These will tell you how frequently to use the product. Of course, these are just guidelines, you will need to tweak things like frequency based on your skin and hair type.

Educating yourself on the ingredients in the product is also very helpful. Some products like beard wash are designed to clean your beard, but also remove moisture. If you’re interested in educating yourself, this article on beard oil vs beard butter covers a lot of the products you’ll be using.

Most dudes out there (me included) hate reading instructions. We just like slapping some product around and going about our day — but trust me, a little bit of knowledge will go a long way when it comes to beard grooming.

Mistake #3: Not Enough Patience

For a lot of guys, your beard will take time to fill in. Growing a beard isn’t a straightforward process — in some cases, you’ll need to be patient while your beard fills in.

Far too many times, we’ve seen guys get into the “oh no, my beard is patchy, it's doomed” mindset. In their despair, they take the trimmer to their precious man mane and buzz it off. 

Fortunately, this is completely avoidable! Flip that doomed mindset and repeat after me, “My beard is still filling in”. Embrace this headspace along with the occasional trim to keep your beard lined up, (and to keep those split ends at bay) and you’re well on your way to a marvelous beard.

Wanna talk? Or maybe you just want to tell us your embarrassing beard stories (we promise we won’t tell anyone… unless you want us to). Send us an email at support@aberlite.com.