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The plane has arrived and heat waves are upon us. “If the sun’s out, I’m out” is your mantra this vacation. You pack a cooler of cold ones and the boys are dialed in.

First stop, the beach.

You slap on some sunscreen (just make sure someone gets your back), crack open a cold one, and start soaking up the rays. While your skin (and beer belly) are enjoying the deluxe treatment, your beard is getting jealous of all the attention you’re giving your other body parts.

We get it. You like your beard, but you don’t want to pack your entire bathroom cabinet and haul it along on your weekend trip.

From beard oil and beard balm to our premium beard straightener — we’ll cover the essential beard care products you need for a weekend of fun. Let’s dive in.

Beard Oil

Typically, we save the best for last, but beard oil is so important we had to mention it first.

Seriously. If you don’t want to bring anything else for your beard while traveling, and you want to stop reading here — you NEED to bring beard oil with you.

Without proper moisture, the skin under your beard will start flaking and you’ll end up with an annoying case of beardruff.

Our beard oil comes in a tiny 30 ml dropper, so you can keep your bags light and your beard fresh.

<img src="Aberlite beard oil.png" alt="Aberlite sandalwood beard oil in 30ml dropper">


Beard Balm

Now that your beard is nourished, you want it to look stylish and shine (for the gram of course).

Okay, even if you don’t live your entire life on social media, beard balm is still an excellent product to have over a long weekend trip.

It provides extra moisture and nourishment, and with a bit of wax content, you can expect some hold to style your beard.

Our beard balm comes in a small 60g tin about the size of a puck, so it's a no-brainer why we added this to the list. Massive value for your beard in a small package.

<img src="Aberlite beard balm.png" alt="Aberlite sandalwood beard balm in 60g tin">

Beard Comb

Beard oil and beard balm work best when used with a beard comb.

The comb allows you to evenly distribute the products through your beard. Our sandalwood beard comb is perfect for this.

<img src="Aberlite beard comb.png" alt="Aberlite beard comb with box and case">


The Beard Straightener

If you got this far, most of your travel beard care routine is on lock. Moisture, check. Suave styling balm, check. Untangled beard, check. Let’s move on to the final step, straightening.

Yes, that’s right. Our Beard Travel Kit comes with a premium heated brush. The Aberlite Pro.

Fire up your heated brush, and let it warm to your desired temperature.

Weave it through your beard and watch in awe as the pro does its magic. Voila. A crisp, neat beard — nailed in seconds.

For a comprehensive guide on how to use the Aberlite Pro, have a look at our ultimate grooming routine.

<img src="Aberlite Pro.png" alt="Aberlite Pro on 400 degrees on a black background">


Final Thoughts

We thought it’d be a great idea to save you some trouble — so we conveniently bundled everything here to make the ultimate lightweight Beard Travel Kit.

Oh, and of course, it's not just for play. If you need to look sharp for a work-related event — our travel grooming kit has you covered.

Our beard travel kit is an excellent addition to your travel essentials and it's there for you when you need your beard to be at its best.

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