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Patchy beards can be a drag. Your patchy beard stares back at you in the mirror, and you’re left in wonder at how to fix it.

Genetics plays a huge role in the world of beards, but don’t stress if you didn’t luck out. There are still a few things you can control to grow a fuller beard.

If you’re after a long-term solution or just looking to rock your beard for a night out — keep reading! We’ll go over a range of solutions you can use to amp up your beard game.

Play the Long Game

Give your beard time to grow.

This is the most obvious and effective solution. We’re listing this first because we believe most guys don’t wait long enough for results to show. 

We recommend growing for at least 3 months before you pull the plug.

The growth you experience in this stage will transform the way you can style your beard to make it look fuller. We recommend using a beard balm to style your beard. It smells incredible — patchy or not, your beard will be thanking you.

And remember, no one’s harder on your beard than you. The little patches you see may not be noticeable to others.

Your Body Is a Temple

We’re huge advocates for a healthy lifestyle, not only will you live a happier, more fulfilling life, but it also works wonders on your beard!


Your sleep is one of the first things you need to get in check.

Everyone’s out here talking about the quantity of your sleep, but the quality of your sleep is one of the most overlooked areas when it comes to beard growth.

High-quality sleep enables the delivery of nutrients to your hair follicles.

What are you waiting for? Catch those Zs!


A poor diet will wreak havoc on your beard growth. For sleep to effectively deliver nutrients to your beard, you need to be consuming those nutrients first.

Aim for a diet rich in vitamins and minerals in addition to adequate protein. Hair is mostly protein, so be sure to get enough.

A nutrient-dense diet will also promote the steady growth of that luscious face forest.

An excellent diet isn’t the magic solution to beard growth, but it can definitely give you that much-needed boost.


Stay hydrated. Water is essential to the health of a well-kept beard.

Hydrated skin promotes the growth of facial hair. This works by improving the circulation of blood to areas where your beard follicles will grow.

Not only will your beard grow more, but it’ll also be softer and shinier!

You can drastically improve your beard health by quenching your thirst.


There are few things on this planet manlier than lifting really heavy weights and putting them down.

Exercise (specifically weight training) is known to increase testosterone. Testosterone is what enables your beard to grow, so make sure you’re at a decent level.

Rock That Bad Boy

If all else fails, we advise trimming your beard to highlight your strongest areas. Here are a few timeless styles we’ve picked out.


A Balbo beard might be exactly what you’re looking for if you’ve got a patchy beard. It's one of our favorite members of the goatee family.

You can achieve this style by shaving off your sideburns and leaving no hair on your cheeks as well. Simply the mustache and beard along the jaw on both sides remain.

Robert Downey Jr. made his mark in Ironman with the Balbo


If you’re challenged to grow hair around your cheeks, then the chinstrap beard is a good fit for you.

You can trim it as thick as your beard allows — be sure to connect it with your sideburns for a cohesive look.

An advantage of this style is that it works for all face types, and accentuates your jawline.

The chinstrap in action

Beard stache

Ahh yes, the legendary beard stache. The beard stache is one of our hand-picked selections if you’ve got a patchy beard.

The mustache steals the show with its length and thickness outshining your beard. You can pick from a long list of mustaches, but we recommend sticking with a longer style like the Walrus or the Chevron.

Just check out Henry Cavill sporting this beard stache. I rest my case.

In addition to these styles, you can even comb long strands over patchy areas to achieve a fuller look.

Product-Based Solutions

So you're living a healthy lifestyle, and you've tried out every patch-friendly style in the book — but you still want better results. Here are a few products that may help with that.

Beard Oil

Natural, essential beard oil is our number one recommendation when it comes to products that help a struggling beard.

The natural ingredients found in beard oil ease the growing process by helping the hairs move out of the follicle with minimal irritation.

Hair building fibers

Hair-building fibers can add thickness to your beard in a pinch. They’re made with keratin protein and blend in seamlessly with your hair.

Check out this video for an example of how to apply hair-building fibers.


Minoxidil (more commonly known as Rogaine) can also help beard growth. Be warned though, some men reported that it didn’t really do much. It also isn’t designed for use on your face.

Minoxidil does have a few side effects, so be sure to consult your doctor before going down this route.


The truth is… you might not be destined for a patchy beard. In reality, your beard is still filling in.

That’s exactly the headspace we want you to embrace.

It’ll take a lot of time and patience, but don’t fret — we’ll be here to support you, each step of the way.

There’s a lot of struggle you’ll go through when growing your patchy beard. We believe it’s the challenges you face along the way that make having a beard meaningful.

We’re confident you’ll use the advice we’ve given you to take your beard game to the next level. Now get out there and tame that wild side!

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