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September 27, 2023
5 minute read

  • Manscaping is a necessity for almost all men. More hair leads to trapped sweat and bacteria and causes unpleasant odors. The most essential areas to manscape are your pubic region, armpits, chest, arms, and legs.
  • To manscape safely and effectively, you need the right tools. This will include a trimmer, trimmer guards, a razor, shaving cream or oil, and a mirror.
  • It’s up to you whether you want to shave or trim. Comfort, hygiene, and looks are the main factors influencing your decision.

Let’s appreciate how far men have come with grooming.

Our ancestors didn’t have sophisticated tools to trim their body hair.

Moreover, they were probably more concerned with not becoming a sabertooth’s lunch. This meant that manscaping wasn’t too high on their priority list.

But you, my friend, in the world of corporate offices and manscaping companies, have no excuse.

Expectations have risen since the old days. And you’ll need all the help you can get.

That’s where we come in.

Sit back and enjoy the show. This guide will give you a crash course on grooming your balls, pits, chest, arms, and legs.

Let’s go.

Shave or Trim?

Ah, the age-old question. Should you trim or shave your body?

For starters, you can try different lengths on various areas of your body and gauge which feels best.

For example, some guys love the feel of trimmed arms and legs — but they prefer a smoothly shaved nether region.

Others rock a trimmed bush with a silky smooth torso.

You can also vary things based on the season. It’s common to keep more hair in the colder seasons and go clean-shaven to show off that summer tan.

There aren’t any limitations here! Go with whatever suits you (just be careful not to nick anything in the process).

Consider a variety of tools, and use what works best for you.Consider a variety of tools, and use what works best for you.

Tools of the Trade

To get the job done, you’ll need the right tools.

A trimmer with high-quality blades is essential. Fine blades will prevent nicking and tugging. The Manscaped Lawn Mower 4.0 gets an honorable mention here. 

And of course, we’re not above shamlessely plugging our own trimmer as well. Yes, we know it’s a beard trimmer — but it doubles as a body trimmer too!

Make sure you have different lengths of trimmer guards to experiment with. It’ll allow more control over the length of hair on your body.

Next, you’ll need disposable razors if you prefer smooth skin. Otherwise, your trimmer should be enough.

We recommend shaving cream if you choose the razor route. Always trim the hair to size first, then use a razor. This will make things much more manageable and prevent the razor from clogging prematurely.

Pro tip: You can use oil instead of shaving cream. It glides the razor, and you can see what you’re doing much better.

Lastly, you’ll need a mirror. Preferably, use a full-body mirror if you’re shaving your legs. You can also practice with multiple mirrors to see tricky spots.

Trim Your Balls

Usually, we save the best for last — but keeping your junk well-groomed is so important we had to talk about it first.

Your family jewels are one of the most important parts of your body.

So why not give them the royal treatment they deserve?

Forgive us for not having visuals to guide you through this. Plus, we’re confident that’s something most people wouldn’t want to see!

The golden rule of trimming your junk: GO SLOW!

Your balls are one of the most tender parts of your body. We obviously don’t need to caution you on the importance of going slow. But there’s always that one guy who’ll nick his sack in a rush.

Start with the pubic hair around your shaft. Simply pull your shaft out of the way and trim around it. Make sure the skin is tight. If it's bunched it’ll increase the chance of tugs and nicks.

Moving onto the balls, pull your skin tight — and consider using the shortest guard attachment. Using a guard will protect your junk from those sharp trimmer teeth.

You can also use a razor on your balls for a closer shave.

Do you have an active lifestyle? Give your fuzzy friends the trim they need to prevent odor and bacteria.


For the pits, we recommend trimming on the shortest setting.

It’ll look neat, reduce odor, and leave enough hair to buffer friction.

You can shave your armpits down, but be wary. Smooth pits may get prickly as the hair regrows. And it can get uncomfortable if you play sports or are active.

Remember to lubricate well before and after a pit shave. Your armpits are a sensitive part of your body, so they’re prone to irritation.

Chest & Torso

The chest is an ideal area to experiment with different lengths.

It’s also a great place to practice a clean shave to see if you prefer it.

The trouble areas are around your nipples, belly button, and collarbone.

For your nipples: Get close enough without going over them. Use a razor with some oil to get the hair around your nipples. If those trimmer teeth catch your nipple, you’re in for a painful lesson.

For your belly button: Depending on your body fat (and if you’re an innie or outie), you can angle your trimmer head to get inside your belly button. Also, if you have a nose or ear hair trimmer, it’ll work well in this situation.

For your collarbone: Try shrugging your shoulders and playing with angles. It’ll take some practice. If the skin in that area is sensitive, you can always swap in a razor to shave here.

For some guys, your chest is like the wild west but a lot hairier. Hair seems to grow in every direction. Make sure you angle your trimmer/razor and go against the grain.


Your arms are fairly straightforward to trim.

The problem areas are around the wrist and the inside/outside of the elbow. There are many angles to work with, and pulling the skin taut can be difficult.

Our advice here is to go slow. Also, bend your arm at the elbow to make getting a clean, even trim, easier.

Switch up the angles for an easier trim.


Tip: A common mistake we see guys make is using the teeth of the razor directly against the skin. A better way to trim is to keep the razor head flat against the skin and glide through the hair.

It’ll leave fewer scratch marks and result in a smoother trim.

Going in teeth first may lead to irritation.

Hold the trimmer head flat against your skin.


Your legs are one of the easier parts to shave or trim.

This is because many of the surfaces are flat or round. It's also easy to see where you’re trimming. Say hello to fewer nicks and scratches (yay!)

To trim your legs, follow similar guidelines as your arms. Go against the grain with the trimmer head flat against your skin.

One of the most challenging spots to trim on your leg is your knee.

But surprisingly, it makes for great practice trimming your balls.

We know it sounds funny, but the skin around your knee resembles the skin on your scrotum. You’ll need to pull it taut since the angles around your kneecap make it tricky to trim.

The Trimmed Conclusion

Whether you’re a desk guy, sports guy, or both — manscaping should be a staple in your grooming routine.

No one is immune to swamp butt, swamp crotch, and the like.

However, neatly trimmed arms and legs are less of a necessity.

Before you start, stock up on the right tools for the job. A mirror, trimmer, and shaving cream or oil to lubricate is a great start. If you’re after smooth skin, add a razor to that list.

It’s up to you if you want to shave or trim your body.

We’re usually telling you to tame your wild side. But this is when you can let your wild side loose and experiment with different hair lengths.

You can trim some areas, shave others — or leave entire body sections untouched. It’s all up to you, dude. If a hairy chest showcases your personality, go for it.

But when your danglers start to smell, that hair has to go! It’s also an invitation for icky bacteria, which is downright unhygienic.

What’s your manscaping routine? What works and what doesn’t? Reach out and let us know!