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Look, man. Dandruff flakes must be taken care of. You could have the most epic, badass beard ever but if it looks like it’s snowing when you scratch it - then, well that’s no good. It’s gross and embarrassing but we all had to deal with it at one point. And we’re gonna tell you how you can right now.

Here are four ways you can take care of it fast so you keep lookin’ like a king. 


It ain’t just for girls, bro. Exfoliation helps removes the dead skin cells that cause dandruff. Do it easily with a beard straightener like the Aberlite GO. Not only do you remove a cause of dandruff but you also distribute oils to your skin that gives you a luscious beard.

Wash Thoroughly

When we say wash it, we don’t just mean scrub it a few times. We mean really lather the shampoo on your beard and massage so it reaches your skin. Be careful but be thorough so your beard and skin stay healthy and you avoid dandruff. 


This is crucial if you wanna get rid of the flakes. This helps you rehydrate and protect your skin after you shower. You don’t need just a lotion, you can also opt for a beard oil that actually works. We have one here that’s proven to be effective. <<

Straighten Your Beard

Running a straightener through your beard does amazing things for it. It helps move oils around stopping the creation of dandruff, gives your skin some air and also removes dead skin cells that cause dandruff. It’s definitely one of the most important tools every man needs. 

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