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We know you’re always rushing, but here are 7 beard maintenance tips you can do to keep your beard looking good you can do in under 3 minutes. We have divided them into sections so it’s easier for you to follow.

An important part of maintaining your beard is to ensure that you take proper care of it. After all, you can’t groom a beard that is such a mess.

1. Use beard oil. Like the hair on your head, your beard needs hydration, too. This is why it  is important for you to use beard oils. Washing your beard can effectively remove dirt but it can also strip away its natural oils. To make up for that, apply a good amount of beard oil so you keep it conditioned.

2. Use a beard balm. Also known as beard butter or beard cream, this is also essential. Beard balms give hydration to the beard. So, it is not necessary to use both oil and balm at the same time. If you are not comfortable with beard oils, then beard balms might be a good alternative.

3. Have beard tools handy. Okay, so you have the hydration taken care of. However, there are times that your beard might grow in unnecessary directions. To alleviate this, you should always have the right beard tools handy. Secure beard combs, beard brushes, and scissors to train and trim the beard if needed.

    Beard Cleanliness

    4. Use the right beard wash. Washing your beard every day is not necessary. As we’ve said, doing so will make the beard dry. But, if you do wash your beard, you should make sure you use a beard wash that contains moisturizing ingredients to keep your beard away from dryness.

    5. Don’t forget the beard softener. After using a beard wash, it is important that you use a beard softener after. Let it sit for a while when you are in the shower. In some cases, you might not need to use oils and balms after.

    Beard Grooming

    The final phase of beard maintenance is grooming. You want your beard to look even better. So, after taking good care of your beard, you want to groom it nicely by following these simple tips.

    6. Use a styling balm. A styling balm to a beard is like a styling gel for the hair. But, you have to be careful in buying a styling balm. Make sure that the formulation is not too strong to avoid beard damage. Look for a balm that are foamy in consistency so you can get the right volume without getting uncomfortable with the weight of the product.

    7. Use a beard straightener.  Some men do not like a lot of products on their beard. In this situation, you can use a beard straightener to keep your beard in place. Try to look for beard straighteners that are designed like a brush and has the function of adjusting the temperature. Remember that you are applying heat on your facial hair. You don’t want to burn your skin while grooming your beard.