Our Story

Helping you Tame Your Wild Side since 2017

How It All Started

It began, as these epic tales often do, with a beard. An unruly beard. A neighbor’s beard. And in 2017 our intrepid founder, Teng Ma, could no longer stand by and watch his friendly nextdoor neighbor struggle to keep this beard under control. Like all heroes (Teng would never say it, but we will), he knew he had to do something. So he put his PHD in mechanical engineering to work and devised a neckline shaving guide that made it easy for his friend to look fresh fast.The rest, as they say, is beard care history.

No matter where we looked, nothing fit the bill, so he took matters into his own hands by creating something new, products that could make your personal grooming easier anytime, anywhere, without sacrificing time.

A Custom Approach

It wasn’t easy, but after countless hours of research, we custom engineered our own Aberlite Pro. We knew we needed something powerful yet safe to use on hair and skin, which our PTC heating technology delivers and then some.

We’ve all been there before, you start to grow your beard, then it gets unruly, your edges don’t look clean, you’re in an awkward stage of patchiness, it starts growing in different directions, or even worse, it disappears from existence since you have to shave it off when you have no solutions for managing it. We’re changing that.

The Aberlite Revolution

We believe you can achieve a better beard without gimmicky supplements or needing to live at the barber, so we created grooming products where you can choose between refining, thickening, or lengthening the look of your beard. Keeping the beard you rock unique to you, yet tame.

At Aberlite, our promise is to keep you at the leading edge with our technology, confident with our quality and ready for action with our effectiveness. We’re here for you and we’re here to revolutionize the way you groom.

Who We're Here For

Driven, confident, and contemporary, these are guys with a purpose. They believe they can have it all, and they’re passionate about living a well-rounded life. They demand versatile performance and considered solutions, delivered with originality and expression.