It’s Time to Stop Settling For a Messy & Unattractive Beard

The sharp, sleek beard of your dreams? Get it in 2 minutes flat.


How do some men get smooth, shaped, face-defining beards without daily trips to a barber?

Meet the Aberlite Pro: the #1 beard straightener that takes your beard from shapeless & frizzy to streamlined & sleek in under 2 minutes. No burning or snagging — just a smooth, outstandingly groomed beard.


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My beard just didn't look like the photos I would see online

Finally with Aberlite, my beard doesn't look like I got lost in the mountains for months

- Vacera M.

I never knew my beard could look this good

I'd always wondered, but I was never game enough to purchase a straightener. Awesome product.

- Mitchell B

Get in on the “Game-Changing” Confidence of an Effortlessly Neat Beard

The hype is real, according to 50,000 Aberlite super fans...

There’s a Reason Other Guys’ Beards Look Better Than Yours

No one likes a crazy-looking beard.

Truth bomb: that scraggly, patchy, shapeless look isn’t doing your face any favors. And just using a trimmer? That will never get you the look you want. Here’s why:

You want a neater beard - not a shorter one

Stop cutting off the pieces that won’t cooperate. Fact: the curlier the beard, the more time it needs to grow and the more tangles it’s prone to developing. The shape you want comes from control, not removal!

Your beard hair won’t choose a direction

Trimmers can’t change the way your hair lays — but damage-free heating features can.

Your regular comb causes snags & frizz

Plastic comb + trimmer = the same cycle of frustration. The real formula for success? Smoothing + damage protection + easy shaping = your dream beard.

Obsessively Engineered to Deliver You a Perfectly Groomed Beard Anytime, Anywhere

Meet the features that make the Aberlite Pro the top all-in-one beard solution on the market:

Burn and damage free

Anti-Scald Comb Tooth Technology allows you to smooth, shape, and soften down to the roots — without ever burning.

Built for all beard types & lengths

Densely packed 4-column bristles grip beards as short as 0.5” and handle beard textures from ultra-coarse to ultra-fine.

2-minute results

Get groomed and get out the door: heats up in 2 minutes, styles in 2 minutes.

The perfect groom

Easily achieve your ideal “not too curly, not too straight” look with the control of 8 heat settings and 360° swivel access.

Streamline My Routine

Want a Better Looking Beard? Here’s How You Do It

Get that fresh-from-the-barber look in 3 quick steps, no experience needed.



PTC heating technology quickly heats the brush to your chosen temp.



anti-static 4-column bristles glide through any hair type — down to the roots — without scalding or damage



enjoy a soft, full, neat beard in a fraction of the time & get back to business

Go From “Caveman” to “Cover of GQ” With 2-Minute Beard Straightening


Ditch the scruffy mess: feel the confidence of a sharp, clean beard in under 5 minutes. Built by engineers to solve the problems other beard tools can’t, the Aberlite Pro nails a perfectly groomed beard in minutes with no damage and no loss of length — just total control over the shape and smoothness of your beard, whether it’s 1/2" long or 6 inches+!


Give Me My Best Beard Ever

30-Day Money-Back Guarantee
Free Shipping

“BY FAR the best beard straightener I’ve used to date.”

-Matt, No BS Beard Reviews

Stay Low-Maintenance - But Look Way Better

Just brush, shape, and go: we’ve handled all the heavy lifting.

“Well-made, does a great job for longer beards, but it also will work for short beards. It’s the best of both worlds.”

-Josh, Embrace the Beard Life

25% Smaller for Full Range of Motion

No Contest: The Aberlite Pro Grooms Beards Faster, Easier & Without the Damage of Other Styling Tools

  Other leading beard
Traditional blow
dryer & comb
Painless anti-scald technology
8-Temp Setting w/LCD Display for max control 3-Temp Setting,
No Display
No Temp Setting,
No Display
Great on beards as short as a ½ inch
360° swivel = no blind spots

Built From The Ground Up to Be So Good, You’ll Never Want to Look Back

Stop settling for cheap knockoffs.

The Aberlite Pro performs differently because it was dreamed up differently: specifically, by expert engineering. When our founder spent time talking to guys with beards about their pain points, he realized that cheap, mass-produced tools just weren’t cutting it.

Men needed a tool that was quick, painless, and fit into their routine so they could look neat and clean without the hassle of a 30+-minute grooming session. They needed something designed from the ground up, where every single feature improved their grooming experience.

So, our founder built it.

Fast forward a few years, and the Aberlite Pro is the gold-standard of beard straightening for thousands of well-groomed men. With the most custom features to give you total control over your look, The Pro delivers fresh-from-the-barber style, damage-free, in just 2 minutes.

It’s time to step up your beard game (without the hassle of a whole new routine).

Level-up risk-free with our 30-day money-back guarantee!

Are you ready to get the perfectly shaped, smooth, and full beard of your dreams in just 2 minutes?

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Questions? Let’s smooth those over.

Can I use The Aberlite Pro on my hair as well?

Yes, all our beard straighteners can be used on hair for straightening or styling!

How long does my beard need to be to use it?

The Pro can be used on beards as short as 1/2" in length.

How often can I use The Pro?

We recommend using The Pro 2-3 times a week max - keeping in mind that results can last 2-5 days!

Can I use it on a wet beard?

No, before using, always make sure to towel dry your beard or hair. The Pro is not waterproof and may cause damage to wet hair.