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To say that modern dating is a minefield would be an understatement. You want to have dating success, but you’re not getting those digits — or worse, you end up with catfish!


You try to make small talk with the cute barista, but she can’t take you seriously. You swipe endlessly on dating apps without much luck (or hey, maybe you’re getting lucky once in a while, but now you’re ready to settle down)


One of the keys to your success in the dating game is right under your nose (literally). If you want to know how to use your whiskers to attract a better partner — keep reading.


Bearded Is Better


I get it… you’re not totally convinced that your bearded counterpart will have more success with the ladies. That’s why we’re here.


Let’s take you to school on why beards are sexier.

Class is in session.


Because… Science Yo.


Sexual preferences vary a lot, but most women prefer a bearded guy.


Out of the 4,550 women surveyed by OnBuy, 73% said that their best sexual partner was donning some face fuzz.


A study published by Behavioral Ecology found that women prefer bearded men over clean-shaven men. Men with beards were perceived to have higher social status, which in turn is associated with higher levels of success.


If that’s not enough to get you growing, check out this study from the University of Queensland. Over 900 women were asked to rate male faces considering they would be a partner in a relationship.


The preference for a bearded man ranked 1st among women who wanted children.


Convinced yet? Of course, you are. Now get growin’!


So, What Kinda Beard Should I Grow?


Now that you know your beard is a game-changer, let’s get to work on which style you should pick.


The Beard Stache


Ahh, the good ol’ beard stache. It's a marriage between the most attractive characteristics women love in a beard (the mustache and heavy stubble).


Sadly, your missus won’t have a long burly beard she can play with — but on the bright side, your facial hair will be crumb-free at the next barbecue.


Short Beard


A short full beard is our timeless, go-to option for dating in today’s world. It communicates a modest, professional, and polished look — without looking like you’re trying too hard.


The Imperial Beard


If you’re the kinda guy who loves the spotlight, the imperial beard is perfect for you. It’ll make you stand out amongst a crowd of other potential suitors which is why we added it to our list.


It’s Dangerous to Go Alone! Take This


As those follicles start poking out of your face, it's important to know this is just the beginning. You’ll need to nurture your beard so you can reach your fullest potential together. 


Adding beard oil, light trimming, and conditioning your beard is your start to a solid beard care routine.


Oil Oil Oil


There’s a reason the ancient Greeks called olive oil liquid gold. You could technically slather olive oil into your beard — but here at Aberlite, we’re dedicated to giving you the best advice.  


Here are our top picks for beard oils.


We recommend starting with jojoba oil (pronounced ho-ho-ba). Jojoba oil does an excellent job of mimicking the natural sebum produced by your skin.


Tea tree oil is another excellent option. It's great at tackling that dreaded beardruff and killing fungus. It's worth mentioning that oil should also be used in small quantities. Remember: Less is more!


Castor/meadowfoam seed oil are a couple of other options that are great as part of a carrier blend.


Honorable mention: Vitamin E is an excellent additive to oil. It's also amazing for skin health, and because of this, it's also great for beard health.

A little oil goes a long way

Beard Scaping


Now before you go off getting your split ends in a twist, hear us out. We suggest trimming as little as possible when you’re first growing out your beard.


The goal here is to trim just enough to get rid of any scraggly hairs without losing much length. Oiling takes care of most of your split ends — so there’s less to trim.


Pro tip: If you’re struggling with split ends, we recommend a nice pair of barber scissors. Electric trimmers may leave you with more split ends.


Shampoo? Nah. Conditioner.


For the love of all things beardly, CONDITION your beard. Seriously gents. Lather a decent helping of conditioner and let it sit in your beard for a few minutes.


You’re probably wondering “why no shampoo?”


Shampoo made for the hair on your head is a lot harsher than products just for your beard. 


Shampoo for the scalp is designed to aggressively strip hair of natural oils to get rid of that greasy feel.


While this may be great for your hair, it's not so good for the skin on your face. You might end up with complications like a dry face that could lead to beardruff.


Of course, this only applies to head hair shampoo. There are a whole lotta beard wash products we love recommending for daily use.




Your beard is your wingman, your pride, and your joy. Your beard will be the third wheel on a lot of dates (in a good way!)


There's going to be a lot of ice cream, spaghetti, and first-date food your beard will have to get used to, but we know you’ve got this.


Regardless of which style you pick, or how you care for it, your beard is nothing without your confidence. Your commitment to looking better makes it that much easier to navigate the minefield of modern dating.


Get out there and tame that wild side. We’ll be rooting for you.

Let Us Know How It Went


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